Who We Are

Gulf Consult was established in 1981 as an independent multidisciplinary Consultancy Organization to provide a full range integrated Geotechnical and Material Testing Services. 

To have a complete line of technical service, the Company has widened its scope to provide surveying and environmental Services for the Governmental and Private organizations in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

For over 42 years Gulf Consult focuses on Quality and value in all projects undertaken. we are committed to be a Well-known consultant office to deliver outstanding services for All Engineering & Environmental projects placed in the Gulf Countries. We are Listed on The "Approval List" of many major companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.. 

During this period, Gulf Consult has accomplished number of projects for Government Agencies and Private Firms in Different terrain across The Arabian Peninsula. Our reputation of correctness and professionalism has Grown Together side-by-side with The company and resulted in our being one of The market leaders in the provision of Geotechnical, material testing, and surveying services.