geophysical Investigation

Gulf Consult Professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in the application of a comprehensive range of geophysical methods for environmental, and geotechnical projects across different landforms in the Saudi Arabia. Gulf Consult provides the following geophysical applications: 

1. Surface Geophysical Investigation For Engineering & Environmental Purposes Usingdifferent Techniques (e.g. Ssr, Masw, Er, Ert, Gpr) To: 

  • Visualize and characterize subsurface setting
  • Determine thickness of topsoil layer
  • Determine depth to hard rock (country rock)
  • Determine depth to Water Table levels
  • Detect and delineate of U/G cavities and U/G utilities
  • Determine the mechanical characteristics of earth material
  • Determine the Rippability values for excavatability purposes
  • Detect Metals using EM-61
  • Measure Vibration
  • Conduct Noise Level Measurements & Mapping 

2. Subsurface Geophysical Investigation To Determine The Mechanical Characteristics Of Earth Material For Engineering Purposed Using: 

  • Cross-Hole Test 
  • Down-Hole Test